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Private Funding Options, Solutions and Tools For Real Estate Investors, Businesses Owners, Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups.

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1410254910796361_fanning_money.gif   Dear Real Estate Investors, Business Owners, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Realtors®, Brokers and Colleagues, Your Search Is Now Over!  Money To Loan USA and Global Realty Planners,  Gets You Access To The Most Flexible Private Lenders, Exclusive Real Estate Listings And Most Innovative Business Tools In The World! That Until Now, Has Only Been Reserved For The Fortune 1000 Companies.

Our Credo: "To Be Good Better Best, Never Let It Rest, Untill Our Good Is Better And Our Better Best."                                                         


1. Click here for:>  Global RE Database   Commercial Bank REO Properties For Sale.  Call: Jorge George Diaz Jr., 7 Days: 772-24LOANS, Skype ID: JorgeDiazJr 

2. Click here for:> Global Joint Venture Private Funder Form   Loan Size $2 Million Dollars To The Hundreds Of Millions. Domestic and International. Acceptable Projects Include: Energy Projects, Real Estate Developments, Commercial Real Estate, Industrial Plants, Hotels, Mines, Oil & Gas, Retail Stores & Much More!

3. Click here for:>   USA Purchase/Rehab Real Estate Private Funder Form  $50,000 to $20 Million Dollars.  Up to 100% Of The Purchase And Rehab.  Lending In 31 States.  Watch Your Rehab Business Grow - And Your Profits Multiply - From The Added Volume Of Deals You Can Now Do. Call 7 Days:> 772-24LOANS 204

4. Click here for:> Global Proof Of Funds Form  $100 Thousand Dollars To The Millions. Show Funds In Your Name Or Your Business Name. Used Extensively In Importing Products Such As Gold, Oil, And For Flipping And Purchasing Real Estate Including Bulk REOs.

5.  Click here for:> Global Non-Real Estate Assets Funder Form  $100 Thousand Dollars to No Limit. Ways To Monetize Your Assets. Leverage Precious Gems, Precious Metals, Antiques, Settlements, CD's, Fine Art, Vessels, Aircraft, In & Above-Ground Assets and More!       

6.Click here for:> USA Business Express Loans $20,000 to $5 Million Dollars. Start, Grow or Expand Your Business!  24 Hour Approvals.  7 Day Close.  No Up Front Fees.  Get Instantly Pre-Qualified.  Pick The Best Loan.

7.  Click here for:> USA Stated Income, No Minimum Credit Score Form   $50,000 to $20 Million Dollars.  Direct Commercial Real Estate Lender Providing Non-Conforming And Private Money, SBA, Business And Bridge Loans.  Fast Service.  Easy online Applications, Same-Day Term Sheets. 


NO UPFRONT FEES: Performance fee-based company. All consultations are free and confidential. TABS: Our Site  tabs direct you to interactive and user-friendly links of Alternative Private Funding Options, Business Solution Tools, product information, directions and submission forms. TRANSLATION: Click country flag for 81 languages . CONTACT: Private contact mailbox on all pages for easy messaging, scenarios, and inquiries. 



DISCLOSURE : We areNOT a United States Securities Dealer or Broker nor a U.S. Investment Advisor or Attorney.All due diligence is the responsibility of the Buyer, Seller, Borrower, and Lender. We make no warranties or representations as to the Buyer, Seller, Borrower,  Lender or Transaction. We are a Facilitator, Funding Provider Consultant, Underwriting Expediter, Real Estate Broker, Approved Preferred Private Lenders Broker, Joint Venture Matchmaker and in some instances a Private Real Estate Investor.  Money To Loan USA and Global Realty Planners provides  information, resources, and services worldwide with partner affiliates, direct private funders, real estate and finance broker networks with over 150+ years of combined expertise and experience.  

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