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What if you had inside information?  What if you knew of someone that really knew the secrets that could make or save you thousands of dollars?  That Until Now, Has Only Been Reserved For Fortune 1000 Companies.  

:>PRIVATE-EQUITY-FUNDING<:  An unprecedented economic opportunity toChurches, Synagogues, Non-Profits, Business Owners, Real Estate Investors, Contractors, Builders, Realtor®'s, Entrepreneurs, Pubic At Large, and Associates around the world!

We are diligently seeking borrowers with viable projects who have experienced difficulty in obtaining finanancing via conventional channels.  If you have a legally organized business that needs capital, we are at the very least interested.  :>Global Realty Planners Real Estate Online Application<:  

Candidness, Speed, & Attention to Details.  Knowledge & Expertise To Help Fund Your Deal Fast.  Approvals Within 48 Hours.     No Broker Chains, No Fee Consultations, Free To Apply, And Free Referral Program To Profesionals With An Existing Client Base, Are Just a Few of The Reasons Why You Should Look to Global Realty Planners, LLC…  :>More about Global Realty Planners, LLC.:<

Smart Investors, want to leverage OPM (Other People’s Money)Lack of Funding Is The #1 Cause Of Not Closing On A Deal. Conventional Lending Institutions Are No Longer Working For The Average Investor.  Don't Let That Happen To You!  Luckily, There Is A Solution…  :>It's About Time!<:

Your Search Is Over!  All property types accepted.  Private Funding has taken over where conventional lenders have left off.  That Until Now, Has Only Been Reserved For Fortune 1000 Companies.  Finally, You Now Can Focus On What You Do Best, Running Your Business, Not Chasing Money!  :>Pearls of Wisdom. Is It Really Legitimate?<:

If you have a legal organized business that needs capital,we are at the very least interestedProviding The Latest, Hottest, Most Innovative, Most Flexible, Ground Breaking Private Loan Programs and Business Solutions ON THE PLANET!  

Are you prepared to join our list of satisfied clients?  Call 7 Days 772-24LOANS. Skype ID: JorgeDiazJr EM:  FYI:  I 'm not only an entrepreneur and business owner, I am also a Global Realty Planners client."   :>I Buy Sell Notes Nationwide:<

:>FLIP OUR PRIVATE MONEY<: Free, Easy, Referral Affiliate Program.  Simply Refer, We do the work, You Get Paid For Investors.  Over 20+ Real Estate and Non-Real Estate Loan Programs.  Very lucrative for almost any demographic category nationwide and worldwide.  Work From Home!  Perfect for professionals, entrepreneurs, with existing client base, network, to expand, business enhancement or career change.  No Up Front Costs!  Free Personal Landing Page, Free Live Training, Free Live Office Support.  We even pay for your background check.   772-24LOANS 


Each one should use whatever gift they have received to serve others; 1st. Peter 4:10  

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DISCLOSURE: We are NOT a United States Securities Dealer or Broker nor a U.S. Investment Advisor or Attorney. All due diligence is the responsibility of the Buyer, Seller, Borrower, and Lender. We make no warranties or representations as to the Buyer, Seller, Borrower,  Lender or Transaction. We are a Facilitator, Funding Provider Consultant, Underwriting Expediter, Real Estate Broker, Approved Preferred Private Lenders Broker, Consultant, Processor, Expediter, Joint Venture Matchmaker and in some instances a Co-Lender and Private Real Estate Investor.      

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